We are an architectural firm, which supports those who plan to purchase and recover historic properties in Salento, Italian monuments, realize buildings inspired by environmental sustainability.
We design architectures that fit, with respect and poetry, in the Salento landscape, in old villages and in rural scenes.

Conscious and devoted to the importance of history, we integrate ancient constructive techniques with new technologies, innovative materials and styles that are constantly evolving.
We believe in creative energy and originality as a means of a successful project. Functionality, beauty and compositional harmony are for us the answer to the customer's needs.

Sensitive to art in all its forms, we work in order that knowledge, technique, the old art of "know how" will be preserved and will always give life to emotions.

Paul Valery, in "Eupalinos" - 1921, wrote:

“Tell me, why are you so sensitive about the architecture effects, didn’t you notice, walking in the city, that there are buildings that are mute, buildings that speak and, very rarely, buildings that sing?”

We want that Salento’s architectures, our land, will come back to sing.



We support the customer in every phase of the investment, in order to find customized solutions, analyzing the economic feasibility and the return on investment for each project.


Our design ranges from the monumental restoration to apartments renewal, from the creation of new eco-sustainable buildings to the planning and management of farms and agricultural companies.


We take care of every detail, to ensure that your ideal house in Salento, will become reality.

Our projects are made of ...


Hard and coarse, they draw rural landscapes of “a secco” rock walls. Rough and porous to the touch, tufaceous and of local “carparo”, they create warm and embracing architectures, following the geometries of the vaults. Soft and malleable to the cut and chisel, clear and bright, they build and decorate the streets and villages.

They tell about our land and are the common thread of our projects.


Linear or arabesque shapes, shapes that square or draw geometries, soft and enveloping shapes that embrace.

And sometimes they can charm or make you think.


On volumes, surfaces, details, drawings. Elements in harmony or in contrast. Where the light plays a first order role. Because there is no color and there is no life without light.

And the blue of the sky and of the sea is the background and the protagonist.


Massimo Ratta

Graduated at the University of Florence with a thesis in restoration, he places at the center of his interests the recovery of monuments and the protection of influential places. For him, the investigation of local identities and the research for historical traces are the starting point for creating, from forgotten spaces, architectures for man.

Piera Licchetta

She graduated at the University of Florence with a thesis in urban sociology. Strongly tied to his land, the Salento, designing is a passion for her. It means creating and reinterpreting places, giving life to atmospheres that speak of who and with whom crosses and lives those spaces.

Antonio De Vitis

Graduated in Parma and London, passionate about numbers, rock music and cinema. He loves to read and walk in the alleys of old towns.

He firmly believes that beauty can not overlook functionality and vice versa.

How to reach our Office

phone: +39 347 40 56 182
e-mail: info@architetturasalento.it

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